Packing list


Packing list

It is vital to have a good preparation in order to enjoy your Mongolia travel. During our hundreds of tours in Mongolia we listed the most important things based on our experience. Depending on which type of tour you are going to do, packing lists are slightly differ. You need to bring rain coat or water resistant coat, hiking boots, sneakers, trousers (good if able to turn to short by zipping), pullover (woolly), mosquito repellent oil (one per person), Sun oil 30, leggings socks, headlight, extra battery for camera, Sun hat, Sunglasses, a small portion of candies (when you visit at Nomadic family it is nice to treat them with your local candy bar), Budget (Mongolian MNT, Here are some ideal prices of daily products 1L Pure water-USD0.9, 1L Soft drinks-USD0.8, Salted nuts-USD1.3, Chips-USD2.9, Average dinner cost without drinks-USD20, Beer-USD3.1, Cappuccino-USD2.8 Average tip-USD2.6.


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