Things to do in Mongolia

Mongolia hiking tours

Trekking in Mongolia

Hiking has been always a great way to explore vast nature of Mongolia. Especially, the great place for hiking in Mongolia is Khan Khentii wilderness which is the closest and well protected prestige area. There you are able to do both hill climbing and trekking along the beautiful breathtaking hills and forests for a long range or easy day walking. A good place to take a brake is Princess Lodge, located 30 kilometers from Terelj town and 8 kilometers closer to Princess Temple historical sightseeing. We are able to organize your ideal Mongolian hiking & trekking tour. Have a look at ideal tours:

Mongolia biking tours in Khan Khentii

Mountain bicycle in Mongolia

What is more exciting than cycling trough a beautiful nature? We are also organizing mountain biking trips in Khan Khentii protected area for 3 to 5 days basis. The area has good prepared off-road with either smooth or a bit hill climbing challenge along the way. The place is a great destination those who like taste of adventure. Khan Khentii protected area is a vast land with nomad people therefore not much traffic around which is safe place. We have a good stock of mountain bicycles; you only need to bring your suite and other packs.

Mongolia horse riding tours in Khan Khentii

Horse riding in Mongolia

Riding Mongolian horse will give you a unique experience. Mongolia horse riding trips include variety of options in-terms of distance and destination. You can ride horse either in daily basis or for a long trip to vast wilderness. One great thing about Mongolian horse is those are quite strong and persistent for continues long trips. They got smaller body and muscular shorter legs comparing to European and Arabian horses. We let you ride horse like a local nomad and feel the same experience as we do.

Mongolia camel riding tours

Camel riding in Mongolia

Two humped camel only exists in Central Asia, riding on this 2 meters high creature can be little bit creepy at first but once you get used to it you will enjoy the riding of Camel feel like an explorer once it was the most reliable transportation on Silk road in Ancient years. Two humped camel is very calm animal which you will also feel it. There are two places you can ride camel Elsen Tasarkhai Sand dunes on the way to Kharakhorin and Khongoriin Els in Southern Gobi. Mongolia camel riding trips include

Mongolia ox-carting tours

Ox-carting in Mongolia

Ox-cart is always a good utility of supporting hiking and trekking tours Mongolia. You can load your backpack, tent, kitchen equipment, food, water almost everything. Because ox step is same speed as hiker, therefore it won’t leave you behind or cling at the back. Also riding on an ox-cart is one of the fun ways to travel and see the environment. We are offering ox-carting trips to Princess temple historical sightseeing from Princess Lodge.

Mongolia skiing tours

Skiing in Mongolia

We do have Skiing resort in our Capital city; the facility is international standard middle sized skiing camp which has well prepared 3 levels of ways, elevator. Also there is a slightly downstream area for beginners and teachers. Ski resort has Coffee buffet and Restaurant. For those who came from warm countries will have a great fun activity.

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